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Destin, Florida

What is Crab Island?

Crab Island is one of the most popular attractions near Destin, Florida. It is not an actual island but rather a submerged sandbar in the Choctawhatchee Bay. This aquatic playground attracts visitors for recreational activities such as boating, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and socializing.

In recent years, Crab Island has become a hotspot for boaters who anchor their boats in the shallow waters and enjoy a day of leisure. Many boat rental companies provide floating platforms, water slides, and other amenities to enhance the experience. It has also become a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists, especially during the summer months.

Crab Island Sandbar in Destin, Florida

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How Do I get to Crab Island?

To get to Crab Island, you’ll need to access it by boat, as it is not accessible by land.

Here’s a general guide on how to get to Crab Island:

Rent a Boat:  The most common way to reach Crab Island is by renting a boat. Several boat rental companies operate in Destin, offering a variety of options, from pontoon boats to jet skis.

You can also take a shuttle or water taxi. Be sure to follow local regulations and guidelines for watercraft operation.

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What is there to do at Crab Island?

Crab Island’ is one of Destin’s Top-rated attractions offering a plethora of activities for everyone. Whether it’s the leisurely enjoyment of your boat, grooving to music, cooling off on a float, renting a paddleboard from a local vendor, or trying your hand at fishing, the options are limitless. You can bring your own food and beverage or utilize the floating food vendors and occasional restaurants. If you are seeking camaraderie, anchoring near the center is ideal, while those preferring solitude can anchor away from the crowds. 

This family-friendly haven operates round the clock, with daytime being the prime period to visit, especially during high tide when the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico grace the scene. Check the tide chart for high tide each day.

Remember essential items such as sunscreen, towels, cash, water, and snacks as you plan your trip. If you’re inclined to enjoy alcoholic beverages at Crab Island, bring your own, as purchasing is no longer available on-site. Pack accordingly and designate a driver or opt for a captained tour to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Food at Crab Island

During the summer season from Memorial Day through Labor Day, while spending time at Crab Island, you’ll find a variety of floating vendors offering delicious treats. From juicy hamburgers and hot dogs to savory wraps, BBQ sandwiches, and crispy nachos, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Don’t miss out on the irresistible hot-boiled peanuts or a slice of piping hot pizza, and indulge in a sweet treat with some ice cream. Keep in mind that the vendor selection may vary depending on the day of the week, with weekends hosting the largest variety. Remember to bring ample cash as some vendors may not accept credit or debit cards. Additionally, if you’re craving an alcoholic beverage, remember to bring your own as alcohol sales are no longer available at Crab Island.

Food at Crab Island

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